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Arrggghhhh – Computers, links..don’t you just love ’em? I know from my stats just how many of you have tried to help – a huge thank you to you all! – it really is appreciated…But I think I’ve worked out the problem..

For those that haven’t seen this post – I’ve mind blowingly entered myself for a competition to win 2-3 weeks working with the photographer Rankin..but I need support! All the info is down below..but there’s been an issue with the link – I think part of the problem is that the competition is set up on Facebook – the link works straight through if you are signed into Facebook, if you’re not it takes you to ‘sign in’ and then the general website.  If you end up at the general website, go to photography – trending – and look for the only orange picture(!) called ‘Seven photos of Every Day Sin in Modern Times’ and click on that and you’ll see the full application/film and the ‘support’ button on the right hand side…. I’m going off now to see if I can find another way, by-passing Facebook..wish me luck.. xxxxxx

Little update – tried to get in via Samsung site, but then takes you again to the Facebook App site..oh joy!


I responded to a tweet..it said, if your passion lies in food, music or photography; if you want to take your talent to the next level; if you have a big idea, project, an ambition…Samsungs Launching People is for you..apply now..

So I did..

And what a prize is at stake…working for 2-3 weeks with the world renown portrait and fashion photographer Rankin..using all the technology Samsung has to offer….

Can you imagine? It’s the creative equivalent of a golden ticket to Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory…and all you had to do was come up with an idea and make a 2 minute film..

The downside? I saw the tweet late so I’ve only 24 hours to gain support – the deadline is the 6 March…but I’m OK..despite never using iMovie before I’ve made the film!

The upside? I LOVE my project idea…I want to create 7 pictures based on the modern day equivalent of the seven deadly sins using symbolism and imagery to create a multilayered story.  I’ve always been fascinated by paintings such as Arnolfini portrait by Jan Van Eyck with it’s picture within a picture:


The more you look, the more you see..outside the window there’s a tree with cherry blossom so we know it’s summer, but the main charters are wearing furs – not because it’s cold, but as a symbol of wealth.  The bed is red for passion.  Her dress is green for hope..but there’s more…many scholars believe this is in fact a memorial picture and the wife is in fact dead.  On the mirror are painted scenes from the Passion of Christ..on his side they’re all to do with life..on her side, death.  Above them is a candelabra..on his side the candle is lit..on her side, the candle is out…

Using the seven deadly sins as a vehicle for developing this concept would be a fascinating brain-fry of creative juices…for example instead of Envy..think the exploration of the accumulation of material things and the pitfalls of debt..think green, think fur coat no knickers, think style over substance and then the emotional architecture starts building…the characters can have meaning – narcissists, prima donnas, queen bees…the clothes they wear..the colours..the way they interact..the situation they’re in..the tattoos..the meaning behind the tattoo..it can all flow into a deeper sense of understanding and recognition but all drawn seamlessly together.

Where I need your help is to support my project – press the ‘support’ button on the main  website  at the top right hand corner (NB – NEW LINK!) – Please, please give it a ‘support’ – pass it on to others…tweet, shout, mail..round up the postman and his three-legged dog..whatever it takes…this really would be like winning the lottery…

It’s always scary putting yourself up for something, but as I said to a friend the other day, if you believe you can or can’t, it’ll be true..and if you never try, you never, ever know….

Thank you!!

Laters, Kate x