Who is Kate Bentley?


It’s half term this week and we’ve gone away to the sea side town of Hastings to breathe the country air and walk by the sea.  As a result this is an eco-friendly week of posts, re-cycled from the past..starting with this one.  Enjoy x

Ever Googled yourself? I could be Kathryn Bentley..a Texas Native designing handmade jewellery and running the rather wonderful Dream Collective in Los Angeles..love her dress..


And her style.



 Or maybe I’m Kate Bentley the  award-winning professional painter based in the Lake District in the beautiful Lyth Valley.


Pretty idyllic..


Or collecting pins on Pintrest..’cept it isn’t me..but I like her taste. I think she might be a nurse..


Or maybe  I’m just Kate in a Bentley..


(Photo by Kelvin Bruce)

The truth is, out here in the cyber-world, we can be who we want to be….and sometimes it’s pretty awe-inspiring to look around..

But after the burst of imaginary gasoline…I rather like coming home to my little reality again..after all, home is where the heart is.

Laters, Kate x












  1. KerryCan

    What a talented bunch you Kate Bentleys are! When I do a vanity search, I usually just come up with me–kind of boring . . .

  2. dievca

    What fun! I love the first ring that the US Kate Bentley offered. XO If you do go for a ride in a Bentley, let me know how it drives~

  3. .virginia.romo.

    Funny idea! My name-fellows are not such interesting as yours. Best one is a children’s nurse in San Francisco. That is ok 🙂

  4. vintageattitude

    ……I seem to be dead !!! 2009,apparently…..according to FB. As we know it’s the font of all knowledge……off to lie down….feeling a ………!

  5. Simply The Betsy

    Awesome thought. I’m either a reporter for the Toronto Star or wrote a book about Saganaga Lake (wherever that is). Seeing that I’m actually both a journalist and a novelist as well, I can’t work out if this is cool or creepy!

  6. jackiemallon

    Apparently there is another Jackie Mallon who works in the fashion industry. I’ve never met her…but if you ever hear that Jackie Mallon did something wrong, just remember it wasn’t me, it was her! 🙂