Oh Charlie….


I’m not sure what it is…end-of-term-itus, the weather..a growth surge? But Charlie and I are having regular run-ins like a pair of bulls in mating season.  I picked him and Bella up from school just the other day and he got upset because I refused to carry his bag. I never carry his bag – it’s a principal.  But because it had a library book in it, a big one chosen by him, he wanted me to.  I had 4 bags and a laptop to carry.  There was no way.  He moaned and moaned.  So I gave him my bags and took his.  He couldn’t walk..and moaned again.  Took my bags back and told him to stop complaining.  He complained more.  I said if he didn’t stop, I would dock 20p off his pocket money.  He lost 20p.  Then I realised we had to go to the shops before going home as Bella had a school trip the next day and needed a packed lunch.  In the time it took us to get to the shop he’d lost £4.00. I asked him to wait outside the shop so I couldn’t hear him whine. He refused.  By the time we eventually got home he was £8.00 down.  I advised him in no uncertain terms that after 45 minutes of pure torture he got out of my sight before I did something I regretted, and maybe the best thing to do would be to go up to his room and punch a pillow till he’d calmed down and could be human again.

Five minutes later he re-appeared with arms outstretched saying, ‘I’m sorry Mummy,’

I went to give him a cuddle…

He looked up at me with his big brown eyes full of concern…’I’m so sorry Mummy….but unless you change your attitude I’m going to have to leave home.’

I pointed down the hall, ‘There’s the front door.’


Laters, Kate x


  1. laurenkahan

    Oh no! I have to admit, I chuckled at that last part 😂🙊🙊. I feel very confident it was the end of the year blues. We walk home with two neighbor boys, and their attitudes were noticeably different right before school got out. ENJOY GREECE!!! ☺️

    Xx Lauren

  2. NikkiM

    Sound normal to me. My sons did the same. After one big argument he was leaving home so I helped him pack his bag, he walked out the gate. Great fully it had just gone past 5 in afternoon and he was picked up by Dad. Never had a problem with that one again!