6 Today!!


It’s Charlie’s birthday today..a date that always brings back memories.  He was due on the 18 May but I had a date with the operating theatre on the 11 May for a planned c-section.  Then I went in on the 5 May for a routine check-up..and was told I had pre-eclampsia and wasn’t going home – I just thought I was feeling shite from being pregnant and looking after a toddler.  I was prepped and ready for an 8.00 am section the next morning…and finally was wheeled into theatre at 10.20 pm that evening: the joys of a busy hospital and not being a priority…but, despite nil by mouth all day, I did get to enjoy the last kicks I would ever feel and savoured every one of them.  When he finally came out I can still remember the shock of being told his weight – I ‘d been on regular monthly growth scans because of problems with my blood and his umbilical cord and they’d all shown he was within normal limits…then they weighed him and he was a mere 5 lbs 8 oz..he was absolutely perfect but so very, very tiny..but I was always crap at the pregnancy lark – his poor umbilical cord was like a piece of string…honestly, it’s a miracle either of my children made it through – out of 12, they were the ones that did – and for that I am and will remain eternally grateful.

IMG_0145 IMG_0755

(With his cousin Bea)

IMG_0302 IMG_1797 h and t wedding 456 IMG_1852IMG_1806 IMG_2550 IMG_2563 IMG_0326 IMG_1097 IMG_1150 IMG_1115 KJ-123v1img_1181img_1218 IMG_0590 IMG_4721 IMG_4718 IMG_5045

Laters, Kate x


    • Maison Bentley Style

      He’s an easy kid to take a picture of!..but I think I might be biased! It’s the one time you look back at pictures from last year and see just how much he’s changed and grown..xxxxx

  1. laurenkahan

    Happy Belated Birthday to Charlie!!

    Ugh, totally had to choke back tears on the out of 12… Big hugs to you Mama! You have 2 beautiful children!!! xx

    The one where he’s looking back at the camera during the wedding…LOVE!