Great Bones..


 There’s something utterly majestic, breathtaking and impressive about a herringbone floor..


But the bullion cut? More expensive..but it’s still a temptation, particularly when you know you’re only laying a floor once..


In fact choosing a floor is like crossing all sorts of boundaries..width of wood, colour, type, durability..mix into to that the cost and it’s a potential minefield..


So excuse me if I feel a little bit chuffed in finding Edward Oak Floors (OK. My mother found them first) But you know you’re on to a good thing when the showroom in is a remote part of London, in the middle of an industrial estate, attached to it’s own factory.


And because it’s all made on site, they can smoke, wax, colour, distress the wood to any colour you want – and any size..and if they lay your floor, it’s guaranteed for 15 likey.


 The distressing’s riveting..


But they really do have the ability to transform the mundane..

So that’s one thing ticked off…now there’s just the rest of the building works to plan..ho hum

Laters, Kate