Colourscape x


On Saturday we headed up with friends to Clapham Common to experience ‘Colourscape’ – walk-in structures originally created by artist Peter Jones in the 70’s to celebrate colour and light.


We had no idea what to go in you’re given an overall to wear.  The practical purpose is to keep track of the number of people inside, but there’s also a transformative effect, blurring everyone away from normality as if you’ve stepped into another dimension…


The first thing that happens is you lose everyone as they’re swallowed up by the multiple spaces and lured away by the colours..adults slow down..children scatter like birds..


There was also live contemporary music, adding to the air of other worldly..


In the centre was a sort of meeting point of white curves and elliptical wonder.


 Where there were games on the floor for the kids to play with..

IMG_4623 IMG_4629

You could wander, you could sit and just be..or you could just lie and go to sleep like the husband! But slowly everyone comes back together again..

IMG_4631 IMG_1261 IMG_1264 IMG_1269

The closest thing I’ve ever come to it was the permanent light installation exhibition at Villa Panza in of my most favourite exhibitions ever..
IMG_1282 IMG_1288

Totally mesmerising. It was a rarified thrill to do something utterly engrossing for the whole family involving all the senses..I loved it!

Laters, Kate x


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    Colourscape : walk-in structures originally created by artist Peter Jones in the 70’s to celebrate colour and light.

  2. Lia in Brussels

    Wow fantastic! It reminds me of another work, again from the 70s (*hehe*) by Bill Culbert, we saw at the Southbank Centre’s ”Light Show” – but not as spectacular! xxx

  3. Feline Creatures

    Wow what a surreal selection of colors and structure! I really like how you can not only see the art work but walk through and experience being in its presence. Love it! 🙂 – Lena

  4. rubyfoot

    What a trip. I love the photos of the people wearing capes. They could be stills from a sci-fi movie. Did you feel differing vibes when you entered each colour?