Photo Shoot x



Many, many , many years ago (when I was seventeen: Long time) we were staying at my Grandparent’s house on the Greek island of Spetses when there was a terrible forest fire.  The sun was blocked out by the smoke and falling ash and our only escape was to be evacuated by boat from the beach to the safety of the mainland where we sat and watched the island burn.


Our biggest regret was that we hadn’t thought to rescue the family photographs…my Grandmother had died in the Easter and my Grandfather had been killed in a car crash when I was two so these were some of the only photos we had, virtually everything else was replaceable..


As it happened, soon after we left, the wind blew back on itself and our enclave was saved.  The fire started up again at dawn but by that time the sea planes had light enough to see and could put out the flames with sea water, although it took another 10 days for the fire to really stop burning – Spetses is a pine island and the sap in the trees keeps on burning.


But what it taught me was the value of photos – that moment caught in time? – utterly priceless.


 Which is why, each year since Bella was eighteen months (the months before passed in a haze..) my Mother’s day present has been a family photo session with the highly talented photographer, Alexandra Joseph. We even did a session of me pregnant with Charlie – and then him at just 5 days old, all curled up and pink.  How precious?


Charlie looking at our previous books – this one when Bella was a a world of digital everything to be able to hold something tangible has it’s place.


 Him as a baby..


These are from this years session..the books they’re turned into rank amongst my most prized possessions..


Alex has this utterly natural, spontaneous way of not only taking beautiful photographs, but of capturing moments.


This is how Charlie will look when he’s a bored teenager telling me I’m wrong again!


She works without lights or any paraphenalia with simple honesty and incredible skill.


She’s so peacefull and relaxed, you have no idea what you’ve got..


 Till she sends you her tantalising previews..

I’ve learnt my lesson – once lives our safe, the next thing to save would be my photo books – and I can’t wait to hold my next one.

Laters, Kate x


  1. .virginia.romo.

    What a wonderful idea this Mother’s Day present and how beautiful photographs! Amazing! My experience is too that the only photographs you look at are the ones you can hold in your hand, in an actual book.

  2. jackiemallon

    Really lovely and your kids are pros. And to think we haven’t even gotten together our wedding album yet. I’m ashamed. My poor mother is still waiting for it! Now I know what I’m doing this weekend 🙂