Part 2: Lefkada x


We left Spetses and started our epic journey to’s almost impossible to capture the sense of height from photos, but this was the gorgeous spot half-way to Korinth that we stopped at for lunch.

IMG_4371 IMG_4372

We then drove through all manner of road works to Patras and the new (for me) and incredibly beautiful bridge that now spans across the sea in place of the Rio Antirrio (always remind me of something out of Narnia) ferry.  It was after that we hit the real problems – we were a bit too reliant on our sat-nav who we’d inadvertently set to ‘Poros – Cephalonia’ instead of ‘Poros-Lefkada’ kept trying to take us back to Patras to catch the ferry….Not good.  After purchasing a paper map we got stuck behind all the lorries offloading from Patras…and Charlie made us pull over for his epic wee..and we had to watch as all the juggernauts we’d painstakingly overtaken noisily pass us again…it still pains me..


But it was worth it.  Even if, according to Bella, there were 42 bends down to our resort! Lefkada is mountainous!


The view from where we had breakfast every morning.


We’d buy freshly baked pain au chocolat’s, croissants, cheese pies, apple pies or (my weakness) doughnuts from the attached supermarket, then bring them through to the taverna where they would provide plates and hot coffee.  Poros Beach Camping, where we stayed, is a family run affair – one sister running the accommodation, another the supermarket, brother the taverna and mama the cook. Pretty perfect..


It was a beautiful beach – very different from Spetses..the stones were much whiter and there was dramatic, flowing purple seaweed to snorkel round, but always the crystal clear water.


Hiring a boat – just out from the main town of Nidri there are 6 islands to visit..


This is Scorpios..the infamous private island of the late Aristotle it belongs to a Russian Oligarch.  We were checked out by bodyguards on a speedboat..we gave them a wave and blew them a kiss..amazing place, but what a price to pay..


The island that caught my attention was Megalonissi..sleepy, off the beaten track..we stopped for lunch.



This part of Greece is definitely cooler..there’s even grass!


(The only picture of me in the whole holiday!)(and taken by accident)


(That, and a hand..)


The pool..we’d spend the morning here before having lunch with Costa at his taverna on the site.


Part of the huge success of this holiday was the fact it was the first one where both children could swim…as a parent it meant we could finally relax.


Bella was even good enough to take sea urchin diving on the rocks..a huge joy for me.

IMG_1168 IMG_1161

And the towels? They were a huge success!


In the evening, after siesta we’d head to the beach for my favourite time of the day..the 5-8 pink light slot..


Skimming stones..


Jumping on Daddy..


Bliss. Then we’d find another taverna for supper.. my favourite had tables with little oil lamps on the beach.  Why don’t we use oil lamps any more?!


The morning we left a huge storm moved in..


Making it the coolest, best incentive to leave on another epic drive to Athens airport..


But it will remain a holiday that will live long in the memory…

Laters, Kate x


  1. kerryobrine

    That part of Greece is lovely. I went on that epic drive from Athens last year! It is so beautiful and still in the past (in a good way!). x

  2. KerryCan

    What a great job you did, capturing these moments! I love that the photos are slightly off-kilter–they seem haphazard, natural and joyous!

  3. 3freligion

    Your life seems so fabulous! I can’t wait until I take a much needed break from work and have an adventure outside of the States. 🙂

  4. NaomiSFB

    I love Greece and have visited over the past few years, your pics are showing me how much more of the country I have to seek out! Thankyou 🙂

  5. kirsty warman

    Lefkada might have to make my lengthy list of places to return and new ones to explore. Thanks for sharing Kate. Looked like how a holiday should be – relaxing.

  6. Life Style Over 40

    Lovely family! you seem to be having an amazing holiday… I am also staying in the Peloponese, very close to Speses in the little town of Porto Heli… I have been coming here every August for the past 8 years.. cant get enough of the beaches and the fresh and simple food.. enjoy! Sara

  7. Lia in Brussels

    Yep! That sounds like a proper Greek holiday, i.e. a-maz-ing!! Glad you went through the mountain/truck neverendingstory and came out mentally and physically unharmed, it’s part of the folklore… but no harm could have come to you anyway, not after you learned how to avoid the evil eye… 😉

  8. laurenkahan

    “(The only picture of me in the whole holiday!)(and taken by accident)” That used to be me, but now I totally ask or…for the blog use a self timer and tripod. You totally need to get in front of the camera with your kids!! AND Huz!!! You will be SO happy to have proof that you were there/document the love and fun of your family with YOU included!! Consider it a challenge 😉 xx

  9. Amanda

    I found the towels in a gorgeous shop in Harrogate called What Sophie Likes. I wanted to buy the whole shop not just a towel! I think you would have loved it too! Thanks for recommending them, a perfect birthday pressie for a friend always on her hols!