Done x


 Baby it’s getting hot outside…but at least the patio is finished!


 I LOVED doing the cobblestones – we incorporated stones we’d collected over the years from our holidays.  I’d originally intended to polish them up – I’ve always fancied a proper stone polisher ever since I first saw them in the Science Museum as a child.  But all these years later, I still haven’t got round to buying one..maybe underneath I’m concerned my house would be over run with hundreds shiny stones!  It plays into my great love of Natural Art and the skill of embracing forms beyond – I remember years ago seeing a large, flat plate filled with a spiral of perfectly matching round stones in graduated shades of grey..I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen.


 The magic really happens when they’re wet.


(Just a little side-note: The deadline for the Espadrille Competition is coming up – I’ve  already have some amazing entries!  But if you want to join the fun…time is starting to run out..)



So for the first time in many years I’ll actually be able to watch the Chelsea Flower Show (it’s just down the road) without feeling pangs of guilt. Now if only I could persuade the dog from digging up all the flowers……….

Laters, Kate x


  1. coogeecat

    It looks fantastic! I just renovated my bathroom – what a task! Renovating always takes longer and presents more obstacles than you expect, but is so very worth it when it’s done!

  2. KerryCan

    It all looks great but the cobblestones are definitely the piece de resistance! I love that they all preserve family memories!

  3. fashionassist

    Wow, you and the family did an awesome job Kate—a real labour of love!
    And adore how the stones pay homage to past holidays…
    little monuments to the good times shared by all!
    Enjoy the Chelsea Flower Show guilt free—you earned it!!~ xo

  4. Angie Mc

    WOW! So welcoming and relaxing. If I lived by I would be bold and invite myself over for a visit, bearing yummy food and drink 🙂

  5. alexcellent2012

    Just gorgeous! I love that you collected the stones and now have them incorporated into your home. It reminds me of a mosaics course I once did. Will have to get back into that!