The Jewels of Christmas..

The truth be told, Christmas is MY time of year and all I really want to do is indulge in every bit of glitter and tinsel going.  What stresses me is being separated from that by all the mundane crap that requires wading through with super strength Hunter wellies  – the everyday AND the present buying/the wrapping/the sending/the cards – it never stops.  I alway say I need my bah-humbug rant in November when I’m out of synch with everyone else, running round like a headless chicken trying to get ahead of the game so I can truly enjoy the magical time in calmness and serenity (well, that’s the plan).  I will admit this year has been a bit mixed..I left the Great Furniture Move a bit late in the day which put the squeezers on, but I’ve learnt from previous years to knuckle down and keep moving so no matter what most of the main bits are in place with a few days to spare..a few more decs to hang, a few more pressies to wrap (those that need batteries), a few more cards to drop at neighbours (it’s like dinner parties..the closer you are, the later you turn up) but there has been time to sit down and smell the cinnamon..

IMG_0197 We’ve painted our four 99p reindeer for the Christmas table..the idea was to go all scandi/red n white n we lost the silver glitter…

IMG_0199 IMG_0193(Charlie likes them kissing)

IMG_0192 To be teamed with elegant gold Christmas trees from Ikea…but then something started happening..

IMG_0194 We did a trip to our local haberdashery shop and there were these wonderful hot pink fluffy pom nice on the trees?..and dare I say..on the reindeer??

IMG_0195Then the flood gates opened to an avalanche of colour and fun..the upshot? We’re going back to the shops tomorrow to get piles of pink, red and orange tissue to make HUGE pompoms to hang from the ceiling!

I feel the doors of heaven starting to open….

Laters, Kate x


  1. Fashion Mayann

    I love how Charlie and Bella take their job really seriously, but, judging by the wonderful result, they’re so right !!! A very artistic family, that’s what you have created, and you should be awarded for this, every day ! May your Xmas be as joyful as these vibrant pom poms ! xxxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Hehe..chips off the old block..but surely this is where the magic lives? I used to think it was festive to run around manically on Christmas eve doing all my shopping, then stay up to the early hours wrapping..but all that happened was I was very very grumpy! x

    • Maison Bentley Style

      We started off by saying that the bells were not to be painted..then we gave up and said ‘paint the bells!’..and now they’ve been taken off completely and replaced with…pompoms! I think I have a new obsession… x

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Can’t tell you how jealous I am! I’ve been twice..each time was totally different..but I have rarely enjoyed a night out so much! Have a glass of wine before you go in…and don’t volunteer for ANYTHING! xxx

  2. KerryCan

    Now we’re talking! Can’t let Xmas decorations take themselves too seriously, you know? And there’s nothing serious about pink pompoms!!

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