WELCOME to the Maison Bentley Style Blog Paaardy!

SO delighted you could come..please step aboard the Christina O..the iconic yacht of Aristotle and Jackie Kennedy Onassis..let’s skip over the water into blue sky dreaming for we’ll be sailing the seven seas ending at the bottom of the rainbow..watch out for shooting stars and dazzling delights..


Some Cristal Champagne? Please – I insist..we need to raise a glass to the frivolity and the successful porting of this Blog..long may she float!

champagne fountain

Just be careful..Ditta Von Tease is reclining in one of the glasses..


2836453057_fd0bf612d1Today I couldn’t resist the lure of vintage…it’s hard to beat an Ossie Clark dress with all the flow and curve in just the right places..a touch of bohemian chic amongst the sleekness..

13S0276BN08 PROFILE webTeamed with an outrageous pair of Nicholas Kirkwood kicks..no change from a grand but then they are appliquรฉd in iridescent moonstones..and who’s counting?

Chanel-Gold-Bar-ClutchMy clutch? Vintage Chanel..it’s a bit of a fav..

diamond-ring_1990660i And this little rock? It’s the diamond Richard Burton gave to Elizabeth Taylor..


The earrings are a nod to my seventies dress..black diamond briolette hoops courtesy of First dibs.

Feel free to mingle..come join the noise and indulge..Billie Holiday and her band her playing in the ballroom..

billie-holiday-everettBe a dancing butterfly and walk amongst egos, clink glasses, breathe the air and laugh!

article-2353462-00EC3E4000000190-446_964x730 all the following pics courtesy of the Daily Mail. Nice people..

article-2353462-1A9E7A31000005DC-195_964x715I hear Marilyn is somewhere in the crowds..and there’s a rumour Elvis is going to sing..


Jackie Onassis with Boxer Muhammad Ali and WifeBut don’t get too drunk distracted… I have all these other wonderful Parties for you to head off too..work your way through the list if you dare..please send them all my love!….and remember….you can always come back!






























www.streetzblog.com or www.sniperwells.wordpress.com














aspoonfulof style.co.uk

Laters, Kate xxxxx


  1. KittNoir

    Here I am *hugs* I brought you some white roses as a thank you for hosting the Blog Party Xxx ps I love that Dita & Marilyn are here too

  2. Fashion Mayann

    DING DONG, from London to Marseille, welcome to the extremely sophisticated Maison Bentley Style Blog Party ! I havenโ€™t published a ยซ Blog Party ยป post but both a post and a 1st comment which seem appropriate for such a special occasion ! Thanks for giving birth to this fabulous project, and enjoy this very special day indeed ! If you want to picture the scene, Iโ€™m sitting on my leopard-print Louis XV-style armchair, and Iโ€™m wearing a red Jean Paul Gaultier T-shirt with a Madonna Loves H&M black tracksuit bottoms ! Now, itโ€™s time to partyyyyyyyyyyy ! xxxxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Glass of bubbly for you..bugger it..have the bottle..now what’s all the things you are dying to eat but can’t? I have a table over there groaning with them..indulge to your hearts content. I have a few people I want to introduce you too..Yves, Yves..she’s here – he wants to discuss your opinion of Heidi Slimane…xxxx

      • Fashion Mayann

        Usually, I don’t eat too much cheese but, it’s Party !, so I’ve got a sweet 3-cheese pizza ready to be appreciated ! And I’m sure that YSL, up in Heaven, is really proud of Hedi Slimane’s audacious makeover because dear Yves loved to shock ! XXXXX

  3. Miss pip

    Miss Kate. You look fab. But it seems you missed my RSVP. Any chance you could add 44andafourth.com to the list. I am in transit at an airport but have even prepared a welcome page for you on my little old blog!!! I will be late but I will be dancing on the virtual tables when I get a chance!

  4. evelenmargaret

    Good morning from me as well. It looks like a great party, even the sun is shining like it was at the time that Christina was sailing inthe Ionian waters. It is so nice to see people who appreciate this era as the Heiress herself (Athina Onassis) doesn’t want to have any connections to the glamorous past of her anchestors and she even got rid of Skorpios as well.
    I love the glamour your page has, there is always so interesting and inspirational posts. I wish you all the best for the future as well.
    I know unfortunately I missed the deadline to put my blog on the list, but I hope I can get some sparkle of all that glitter as well.
    Your setting is so fantastic.!
    I’ll visit you later on.
    Thanks for all this exciting time you provide us.

  5. TheCrazyBagLady

    what a glamorous party Kate! I’m so glad to be able to join you in spirit! I woke up a bit late today but I’ve opened the doors for you and your lovely guests to drop by my home. xx

  6. tanicr

    Loving your dress!! I thought about it and… Ok yes I swap earring hahahahah ๐Ÿ™‚ this party it’s amazing… Better go and mingle.. So many people I have to meet!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Scott Mackenzie

    After I saw where your party was being held, I had to go back home and change out of my T shirt, shorts and Flip-Flops. I’ll be back in about an hour in some more stylish attire. Aloha from Hawaii.

  8. Scott Mackenzie

    I’m back in my new Stylish attire. If I don’t bump into you on the Yacht, you can see my gear here http://wp.me/p1Dj0A-zH And I wonder why I have trouble balancing my check-book. I brought some Pineapples, Mac Nut Candies and a few Lei’s for you, the captain and crew. Can I have a glass of Champagne? What brand is it?

  9. dievca

    Oh, Oh, Oh — I am here! Fashionably late but ready to swing. Dita is amazing, the champagne fantastic, You look fabulous! I am lusting over your Nicholas Kirkwood shoes — do you wear a size 37 by chance? I dressed a bit conservative for the occasion in Agent Provocateur, but I was dying to wear this ensemble. Thank you for having me!

  10. Andrea W Designs

    Hi Kate,
    I would love to participate in this party, because I am from Peru living in the US, I am bringing a bottle of Pisco to make Pisco Sour, Salud and let’s go to Dance!!!

  11. afrow

    Hey Kate… Happy Blog-Day…. Just cruised in from mi other ‘do’… So am rockin’ a fashionably-late, windswept, cowl-necked, columned affair! F.Y.I…don’t just ‘like’ this post…. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT, ANGEL! PARDY-ON!!!!! xA

  12. jackiemallon

    Is Kate Moss here? Has Russell Brand accepted? What about Keith Richards? Not that I’m starstruck or anything…but it’s been a while since I’ve been at a blow-out like this? I’m just going to upturn my hat and use it as a champagne bowl…I keep running out. Not classy? Nonsense, it’s the new thing. What about Marianne Faithful? This would be just her scene–oh, there’s Keith! See ya…Shit, spilt the bubbly down me frock…there, blends right in, part of the pattern…Keith!

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Rugby tackling you to the floor..he’s too old! don’t do it!! waving my Nicholas Kirkwoods in the air..come with me instead to discuss the wild career choices of creatives with Harrison Ford..always had a thing about him..damn. He’s old now too. Fear not – he’s here as Hans Solo with light saber at the ready..I was a violinist before all this malarky..madness!

      • jackiemallon

        Great party, guys! I have mingled till I’m hoarse–got chatting to all kinds of people; danced till my feet hurt–Nicholas Kirkwoods much easier to manoeuvre about than wellies, have discovered; drunk champers till the bubbles are floating back out my mouth every time I speak or hiccup, look like goldfish. Had to undo a few buttons on me, slightly stained, oh the drycleaner can fix that, dress, a result of too many veggie pizzas in the room where the art is, and got sitting on Keith Richards knee.Bloody Nora, on his knee!! Hap-hic!happy…Very happy. Off now…Hic, taxi! How will I ever be fit for work tomorrow…TAXI!

  13. pernillelunde

    Heloooo…. Thank you so much for the invite. I am sorry I’m a bit late but I could not for the life of me decide on what to wear… It’s not easy being casually fabulous you know ๐Ÿ˜‰ you look lovely and those shoes are just to die for!!! So many fabulous people here… Time for a boogie me thinks… I am on the list right??? Xxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      How WONDERFUL to see you! Looking absolutely divine!!..can I tempt you with a tantalising glass of Champagne? Cristal?..the band are just starting up again..and I hear the Rolling Stones are putting in an appearance after spending the day at Jades!

      • pernillelunde

        Ooohhh, why thank you. Lovely to see you too. Cristal would be heavenly. Such a buzzing atmosphere here tonight and if the Stones put in an appearance the party will just hit the roof. What a fabulous idea this is to gather all these beautiful people together….oh no!!! I do believe Dita and I are wearing the same dress!!! Oh well never mind, I guess great minds think alike right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • pernillelunde

        You think she would??? Marvelous!!! I hope she does, she’s such a smooth little kitty cat! I’ve invited some more beautiful people, hope you don’t mind… Xx

  14. A Spoonful of Style

    What a fabulous party! I’ve had a great time and met so many lovely people. You should be very proud of yourself and what a way to celebrate the relaunch of your fantastic blog! XXX

  15. KittNoir

    I’m back and I’ve brought some macaroons for a sugar hit plus extra supplies for the martini glass *clink clink* Having an awesome day attending the parties. Thank you for organising it *tipsy hug* Xxx

  16. Scott Mackenzie

    Thank You so much for the Fantastic party. You and the attendees were sure decked out is some Red Carpet worthy fashions, the Cristal was Deilish, All that Bling-Wow! I met a whole bunch of new people from all over the world and some of the after parties were pretty raging too! Thanks again, I had a great time at your Amazing Blog Paaardy!

  17. Chas Spain

    Excellent party Kate! ( I grew up with my mum trying to emulate the parties of this era.) I’ve also had lots of people come via my blog after being here so that’s really lovely – thank you. Nice to meet everyone here too.

  18. fashuninja

    My mind is still abuzz from the smooth stylings of Billie Holiday and the whip of Elvis’s hips. Or is it from that incredible clutch of yours? Or the champagne appetizer? No matter! SO much fun was had! You are a tremendous host!

  19. Fashion Mayann

    What an amazing party it was ! Thanks to the best WordPress hostess for making it happen ! Although it’s Monday, I’m still on party mood and have posted tasty desserts as a huge THANK YOU, from me to you and to the other incredible guests ! Cheers !!! xxxxx

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