The Weekend x

IMG_2816I often think what a strange beast Blogging is, even when people ask me what I do I rarely say ‘I Blog’ because it seems so nebulous and unexplainable.  But I still love the feeling that there is this hidden river of energy surging on a creative current running between all of us, between all countries that all our posts filter into. I wonder if I dipped my finger into it would I see sparks?

On Saturday I was so lucky that, by pure fluke, I actually managed to ride the cyber-wave and meet up unexpectedly at the South Bank’s Vintage Car Boot Fair with two fellow bloggers that are close to my heart.


The lovely Kaori at Twist and Turn (click here for her post on the day). An artisan knitter who, if you can believe it, knits with her fingers.  How cool is that? – this I HAVE to see.


And the wonderfully creative Vintage Attitude who up-cycles and re-invents everything to do with material – I’ve already given her a commission to find a new life for a beautiful embroidered tea cosy that just sits in my drawer.  I Hope we get longer to talk next time.

IMG_2842IMG_2806It was such a lovely day..a shopping event without the obviousness of a mainstream megahit.

IMG_2852Where red London buses were converted to bars.  I’ll catch the new number 6 any day of the week..

IMG_2815And where even a Rolls joined the car booty fun..

IMG_2853The spirit of the day was totally embraced.


IMG_2850 IMG_2848 IMG_2844IMG_2803IMG_2860 IMG_2857There were little Caravans converted into dainty cake stalls.

IMG_2858 IMG_2839 And larger vans converted to cook pizzas on open stoves – check that fire. Some even sold lobster!

IMG_2854 IMG_2845 IMG_2818IMG_2836

Out of that weird power of the internet we made a connection.  The intangible became real.

IMG_2809And now I have new friends. How special is that?

Laters, Kate x


  1. Fashion Mayann

    Really special, if you ask me ! I love the pink dress, close to the orange van, the leopard scarf, the picture of the sweet Vintage Attitude lady (and her gorgeous scarf), and the last picture, which is truly magnificent ! XX

  2. Jess A

    This looks so incredibly cool! What a lovely mishmash of everything. I wish we had double decker buses converted into bars here in Canada…!!

    • MasonBentley

      I think every government ought to pass a new law regarding bus-bars for the benefit of mellowing the nation..if the punters get to rowdy they can take off to the next bus stop! x

    • MasonBentley

      A-ha! It’s called a Bubble car! the whole top lifts up and you climb in with a second single seat behind the driver..and it was the most incredible coral colour mixed with the was edible xxx

  3. jackiemallon

    Looks like a great British day out. And the sun came out?! Maybe it was the filter you used for your photos but they made me think of some my mum had where she was standing in a bed of flowers in Piccadilly Circus in a red flared pant suit 🙂

  4. happyface313

    Great pictures – this whole fair looks like it was mega fun!
    What a lovely combinations: vintage cars, picnicks and boot sales 😀
    Wish I could have been there 🙂
    Have a lovely and very happy week! 🙂

  5. kirsty warman

    Love it! love it! Although, I would have shimmy up to one of the fabulous bars along South Bank for a cheeky wee cocktail on the way home after such an inspirational day!! Kx

      • kirsty warman

        Definitely, the OXO Tower!! Gra&I were there on the deck looking down the Thames a few years ago, perfect summers evening waiting for our table, bubbles in hand. Thought to myself, must apply lip gloss without looking applied, then looked down to put away lippy stick AND had only applied BLACK Mascara to my lips!!! Gra almost fell over laughing, luckily I was able to remain calm and remedy the situation swiftly – v funny indeed!

  6. sarahinguangzhou

    You took some great photos! I was there too but I get too embarrassed getting my camera out for things like that.

  7. TheCrazyBagLady

    Lucky you! Wish i was there. Everything I love in one place! The retro cars, the caravan, the vintage loot, old signage, interesting people AND amazing weather!

  8. katdesigner

    Hello Kate, I really enjoyed this post, especially the photographs. I am not very fashion kind of person, but I enjoy you connect the fashion with the real world in your posts. Thank you for reading my blog too. Looking forward for more. With love Kat xx

  9. Bee

    Wow what a fab day out! Reminds me of when I attended the Vintage Festival at the Southbank a couple of years ago….. I love cool hunting for quirky market finds, I am so going to look into this next time I’m in London!! Thanks for sharing your brilliant photos with us all 🙂