Nearly there..

The clock is ticking down…Tuesday 11 June is our big day, well, night really and we’ve not been idle..the rest of the Collection all ready for our Preview…


The Bardot.  Light, loose, sassy dressing.

IMG_2221 The Grace, tweaked into a beauty with additional beige piping.

IMG_2229 The Bergman Print.  A classic take on neon with effortless class.

IMG_2236The Bergman in beige broiderie anglais. Easy.

IMG_2241With added drama: The Bergman in black broiderie anglais.

IMG_2253 The Valentina joins the photo family. (NB She is actually part of our winter collection..available from September onwards)

IMG_2262 The Audrey skirt makes an entrance with it’s fabulous pleated waistband and side split.

IMG_2276 The Grace Top. An elegant every day metamorphosis.

IMG_2282 The Grace top and the Audrey skirt. Simple styling.

IMG_2285 A taste of the exotic: The Vreeland in silk. A sneak peak of a transitional winter item.

IMG_2293 The Vreeland with additional Dandy Frill. A thrill to wear.

IMG_2304 Our infamous collar, now to be named The Deneuve, sitting perfectly on the Vreeland.


Elegant sophistication.

IMG_2307IMG_2327The Fitzgerald. Hits the sweet spot.

IMG_2328_2 The Estella jumpsuit. Cool and classy. Part of Winter and available from September.

IMG_2336Tarted to perfection with the Deneuve.

Laters, Kate x


  1. kimberlyakinola

    This are not common designs and you’ve got lots of pocket going on there – I personally like pocket dress, Lovely collections and I wish you all the best….. Goodluck “)

    • MasonBentley

      Sharp eyes..You’ve hit on something close to our hearts..all our skirts and dresses have to have pockets! We think they’re essential! xxx

    • MasonBentley

      The Bardot is perfect for searing hot is a double layer of nothing to move in the breeze. The Grace is a little more formal – but you can still wear it with flip flops..we were keen to create dresses that could be multi-functional – dress up or dress down..and always had pockets!! xxx

  2. Miss Pip

    Hey there, I have been meaning to comment for ages. So very excited and nervous for you both.

    Now… about me…I would like Audrey, Grace, Bergman in Print and Beige… oh I better take the black too… and I have loved Billie since I smacked eyes on a few weeks ago, so Billie in Black with Beige trim, please.

    Also loving the winter previews and longer sleeved blouses but I live in a sub tropical climate, sadly!

    I really would love to invest in some of your pieces and am waiting eagerly to find out how and where… even if it means sending my London based Brother-in-Law mincing up the high street on my behalf.

    You girls are fabulous.

    • MasonBentley

      And you are lovely! We are starting by selling direct to customers – either at our homes or at theirs with little gatherings..but we are hoping to set up a website very soon..with international mail? keep fingers crossed! xxx

      • MasonBentley

        And I never asked you how you are?! slap on the’s the recovery? Hope you are not doing too much..even though I know you are!! xxxxxx

  3. fashionassist

    This is both an exciting + nerve racking time for you ladies–there’s really nothing quite like the build up to your 1st Collection release…
    I can feel the butterflies fluttering and my stomach is doing flips for you…
    love all your looks and I’m certain you will do well…
    wishing you all the best + sending lots of stylish thumbs up~ xo

    • MasonBentley

      I can honestly say it is the most nerve-wracking thing I have ever done – up there with night dive on the Barrier’s like we have put our artistic souls on the line..and then flip-side it’s like that film with Kevin Costner? Field of Dreams?..if you build it..they will come..all I can say is, foresight into the future would be a wonderous thing! xxxxx

  4. rubyfoot

    Anna and Kate, these designs are superb. You both deserve the greatest of success with this very wearable and totally stylish collection.

    • MasonBentley

      Bless you to bits. I think it’s fair to say we’re at the nervous stage of proceedings!! Hope to post pictures after the event.. xxx

  5. ohthebeautifulthings

    Ohemgee I ADORE the silk blouses, and die for the deneuve, I would love to wear those blouses. Amazing job. This collection seems like a transformation of a southern bell from day to evening. Bravo my dear, keep up the great work !

  6. Frances

    I’ve only just found your things (through your comment on the Vintage Traveler) and I’m so glad I did, and just in time for your launch too! Your clothes are beautiful and I’d like just about every one of them.

    Good luck with the launch – I’m sure they will be snapped up.

  7. Lia in Brussels

    Deneuve on Vreeland! They were made for each other! Really exquisite, but that goes for the rest of the collection too. See what you’ve done… here I am in paradise (the Aegean) and I’m still dreaming of silky D & V!

  8. fowsiaahmed

    Wow they are all very beautiful designs, you are so talented. I personally love the grace top and the jumpsuit! Amazing collection xx

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  10. sarathewindowshopper

    Reblogged this on Windows Shopper and commented:
    It’s a reblogging day today!
    Love! Just love! I’m so glad I found out about their blog!
    But just look at these marvelous pieces by Mason Bentley! This would be my favorite shop if I were to live in London! I especially love The Grace and The Bergman in black broderie anglaise!
    I have a few dresses like that which my grandmother (who is a seamstress) made for me some years ago, the sad part is that I have gained weight and don’t fit them anymore. T_T

  11. kharrington

    These collars and tailored blouses are an amazing feat of silk construction – best of luck with the collection in London (see you soon in NY I am sure!)

  12. maybeitsaboutroro

    Oh wow, those clothes look incredible! I totally am in love with the ‘Grace top and the Audrey skirt’ outfit. But then again, all of them are gorgeous!! thanks