photo-109 The gorgeous Anna on her way to a christening.

photo-116In Bath! With the lovely Flo and husband Harry.

And now a little (I lie) rant because I’m a bit confused..y’see I thought blogs were a collection of posts much like magazine articles, with good visuals, a story and writing to match?  But when I take a stroll through the Freshly Pressed fashion posts I’m seeing post after post of pictures by the same blog.  I click through to the Blog..and that’s all it is.  A post is a picture.  No context, no words carefully crafted, no content.  The roughly nine posts it spews out each time, each hour? All completely random..different people, different subjects, different languages…morning, noon and night..same thing, same blog – ‘Artwall Blog’..and the same caption..Please like my blog…but I don’t.  I don’t like it.  I don’t like posts reduced to their lowest common denominator, published as a quick flash in the pan, then move onto the next bright bauble of attraction.  I don’t like them swamping out all the singly posting blogs by multiple times multiple postings like a rampant weed on speed,  sucking away the oxygen and draining the light.  I am tired of the quick idea, the quick buck and jumping on the band wagon to mow through thought, craft and attention as if they were ghosts.

The conclusion I’ve  come to – it isn’t a blog it’s an Instagram drain-away. So why doesn’t it stay on Instagram? It seems to me this is a micro view of what is wrong with much of the world and I wish it would stop. Instead I fear it will spawn more insipid beasts to dilute, destroy and unify the unique individuality out there.

Laters, Kate x


  1. lidsamy

    well said Kate but the looks in this particular blog post are off the charts darling!

  2. gedda0108

    This is so true! Your posts are a living proof of the opposite – so intelligent, creative and entertaining! Thanks a lot for your wonderful blog!

  3. thevintagetraveler

    I wish it would stop too. Many of those type “blogs” are on tumblr, were words seem to be optional. I like pretty pictures as much as the next person, but when I want a lot of them taken out of context, I’ll just scroll through pinterest.

    • MasonBentley

      So true. I have always liked blogs because I love the written word. Instagram = pictures. Pinterest = pictures. Twitter = white noise..have not got my head round that yet – think I need someone to physically show me what a twitter conversation looks like – and where to find them! Facebook – again, not me..I feel guilty if I don’t reply but I hate handing over my time to it. Social media is a wonderful thing and I love it when it works..but as it reflects human nature, it comes with bumps and all the frustrating bits. xxx

  4. RheaK.

    Hi there! My names rhea! I’m young and so in love with your blog!!
    It’s so fresh and your family dresses amazing!
    Keep up the work! Have any suggestions?

    • MasonBentley

      We love you! suggestions for Blogs or designing? Although could be similar for both..keep your eyes open, note anything that makes your heart sing – then work out why? xxxx

  5. lavenderloafers

    I’m impressed!!! I’ve got your notification about my blog nomination! Thank you a lot ( I will say also on your another post about this award) And I found this your post!! You are so so so elegant and beautiful!!!! The way how you put all together and your husband I believe you helped him and daughter – just awesome! For me its like some mix of romantic 19 century and modern breath. It’s really the best combination of feminine and masculine I’ve seen!

    • MasonBentley

      In fact I agree – I love looking at pictures..I just hate the blurring of lines between blogs – words and pictures, and places like Instagram which are just meant to be pictures..blogs without words? Bogs to me! x

  6. fashionassist

    Well put lovely lady + totally, totally, totally agree…
    where have all the carefully crafted words, context + content gone?
    100% agree, good blog posts should boast all of the above…
    thus always enjoy your blog as it hallmarks all three wonderfully~ xo

    • MasonBentley

      Thank you luv. I needed a seems such a shame that for an industry so young that the spiral into lowest common denominator is already happening xxx

  7. Ana

    hahaha I have often thought the same. Sometimes a picture can say a thousand words but when a picture is all you have to say there are other mediums to say that. Words have almost become a lost art. I’m with you on keeping the art alive. I like both your pictures and your writing. Glad you found me so that I could also find you.