The pic says it all..

A very big thank you to ‘Her Passion For Fashion’ for our very kind Blog award..images-19Under the rules of the Award I have to tell you you seven things…not sure whether to do about me or Masonbentley so I shall make it a versatile mix..

1. I have a love of Art and used to do a lot of painting, particularly portraits..I developed my own style re-using (bit of a theme) newspaper, magazines, paint and charcoal..I liked how the ‘stories’ shone through below the paint turning 2d into 4d…I should have gone to Art School, but I didn’t – I went to the Royal Academy of Music instead.  It’s a regret.

IMG_18122. Anna and I are like Yin & Yan…she is tiny, blonde, blue eyed and glass half empty…I am dark, curvy and doe eyed (it’s a way to prove the next point) glass half full.  But our minds meet on this fusion plane like’s scary and incredibly powerful.  We both knew it had to be harnessed into something tangible.

3. I have a weird thing with my where I can see 3d as 2d, but I can’t work out left and rights from different positions..take a cricket match layout..throw in a left handed batsman…brain fry.

4. The scariest thing I have ever done was a night dive on the barrier reef in Australia.  It was our honeymoon and I was young and fearless..until we started racing out to the dive site on the boat…had to convince myself I was James Bond in disguise. Rolling off backwards into the dark took all my courage..but it was a truly incredible experience – at one point we sat down on the sand to listen to humpback whales singing…life doesn’t get much better than that.

5. Anna is the most talented visual person I have ever met – she sees things in a way that is very rare and that I am sure you have to be born with.

6. I have two very wonderful children who it took a great deal to have – 6 years of infertility, 7 miscarriages before Bella, IVF to get Bella (very scary after the miscarriages, I was on lots of drugs), miscarried IVF twins before Charlie – and then he was my final natural miracle baby.  And because I have two children now, unless they knew, no-one would ever know. Strange eh.

IMG_0437(As you can see Bella got every attribute I ever wanted for myself – blue eyes and  curly red yet she doesn’t thank me…but she will)

7. My husband is the most amazing man  – super intelligent and like a big, cuddly teddy bear – I knew I was going to marry him before we even met…my friend was talking about him..and I just had this feeling…poor man never stood a chance after that…

Now for my Blog nominations – which was incredibly hard and represent an eclectic mix:

1.  The irrepressible Laura at Cancer: My journey back to health – kicking and screaming all the whole damn way……This girl is amazing – her spirit, her passion – and her writing ability…read..and read some more.

2. Another great writer who makes me laugh – and makes me cry..(Just check out the title) Kenyan phil at Shit a Gay Kenyan leopard with the pink spots..

3. On an African theme, I love the pictures from this Blog: Thorn Tree Country. Robert Maletta is a traveller, wanderer and artist of the camera.

Anna introduced me to the art of type font – I tease her that she is the only type font whore I know – in fact I forwarded her these blogs and that’s exactly what she did, spent hours poring over them like porn…her kids supper got burnt that night..but there is a joy of design in the perfect font for the perfect reason – it’s all about the layers of  design that make up the finished article:

4. Greater Albion Typefounders – they love their fonts.  I love their fonts.

5. Art Deco – celebrating fonts combined with wonderful Art Deco style.  I have always adored this era of posters.

As you probably know, there is a great love of all things vintage here – and the following are a few of my favourite vintage blogs..

6. Cheers to Carla – This should be an impossible Blog to pull off but Chloe does it with such style I chuckle every time.  Check out Dianes little white dress on April 11.  Love it.

7. Waynes Radios – The guys here must always think who is this sheila with a fashion blog who always likes our posts? well, c’est moi – because I love up-cycling and re-loving and one day I am going to buy one of your radios for my husband because they are so damn super cool.

8. The vintage traveler – Such an informative blog..the history of each piece..the adverts – I love old adverts..a vintage joy.  Let’s hope I get the link right this time hey.

9. Rubyfoot – again, a treasure trove of information and clothes – and much of it gathered first hand…to be treasured.

10. Roxy vintage style – Because she looks so damn good and makes me smile.

11. bravechica – for her passion.

12 44and a fourth – Because I can relate.

13. Jannairefalkner – because it’s not just about appealing pictures and I love her taste.

14. faccina87 – for a sleek, stylish blog

15. Iller brown – because of his eclectic mix and love of London and all things art.


For the rules and what to do next – please click here

laters, Kate xxx


  1. Miss Pip

    Was reading this, thinking how much you deserved to be nominated, loving your seven secrets, night diving – wow… and then such an unexpected surprise. Thank you.
    Oh and your paintings are totally FABULOUS!