We Won!!!!

Surprise, joy and jubilation! Last night was our annual, infamous school quiz…a small bubble in the context of the world, but a special night for us…160 people, twenty tables of eight, each with a theme.

And what a difference from last year: Last year was our first year and we were as green as a mermaid’s tail..we had nary an inkling of the extent people would go to, the competitiveness, the style…if I said Henry the eighth with wives (including man dressed as a wife) complete with suckling pig, it might become clearer…we also came second from last in the actual quiz..the wooden spoon would’ve been more impressive…sigh.

This year we decided to turn on the glam  – there really was only one option…Downton Abbey…IMG_1317First stop was ‘Angels’ in Shaftsbury Avenue – fancy dress shop and costumier –  where we spent a very silly afternoon rummaging through their racks…and then before we knew it the big night was upon us..


The girls Ladies


The Blokes Their Highnesses The MenIMG_1357The gorgeous Lady Su

Below stairs tickled us to bits!


Me with an unruly headband – even managed to trap it in a car door…


I can’t tell you how strange it is to have the parents taking over the school hall, all dressed to the nines and…with alcohol!  We even had Bella’s teacher handing out shots!IMG_1354
IMG_1355Our beautiful table complete with crystal glasses and decanters…very civilised.


The beautiful Lady Mandy…


Lord and Lady of the Manor

Some of the competition with a particularly fetching bearded lady!


Check out the shoes!


There were cavemen, disco divas, horses, Alice in wonderland and much much more..


Where’s Wally?IMG_1366

So did we win the quiz?

You must be joking!




After that, fuelled by our success the night rapidly descended into depravity.. I have a strange memory of eating a bug from the ‘I’m a Celebrity get me out of here’ table…and asking the caretaker to be my head gardener…

So now the planning starts for next year…I’m thinking Mafia and their molls complete with horses head?….can’t wait!

Laters, Kate xxx