The Garden x

This was the dream:  Box hedging filled in with lavender, off set with a white climbing rose.  Simple.  Effective.  And then the Box Moth caterpillar arrived en masse and started to do it’s worst.

I tried – I went round each plant, taking off the beasts and cutting back all the plants, then hosed them down with the pressure hose, all to no avail.  The buggers came back.  So drastic action was needed..all the box plants have gone.  My flowerbeds are a wasteland with nothing more than a couple of brave shoots. I’m desperate to re-plant and nows the time to do it, but as you can see, the fence needs replacing (the neighbours have been building an extension) it will happen, and quite soon..but nothing can go back till it does or risk builders-boot-annihilation.  I hope there will still be enough time to get some summer colour…

This is the plan..when the green light does shine I’m going for blousey minimalist (I think this could be a new ‘thing’)..filling the entire bed with lavender plants and one white climbing rose.

I keep telling myself dreaming is good.

Laters, Kate x


  1. MELewis

    That lavender certainly looks lovely! We also suffer from the dreaded boxwood blight here in France. I only have two smallish ones to care for but what a pain it is to treat, and expensive to buy the traps which don’t really work. Will probably replace with something lower maintenance.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      If you walk past all the front gardens here, they’re all affected which means there was no hope for vigilance. I looked at a few other options..yew or miniature roses both appealed…till simplicity won the day.. xxx