Fashion Story x


In the focaccia bunfight of fashion, how is true style evaluated and who wins the cherry on the top?


We know sometimes less is more..


That it’s thinking out of the box..that magic moment when perfectionists take risks..


Finding that rare sweet spot moment when it takes brains and a perverse delight to play a swaggering fool.  When you aren’t.


Elegance and body language is in the mix..


And it’s not about money..


Style isn’t beauty, it’s perfectly picked proportions.


That fine, hazy line between victim and genius, because there’s no beauty without strangeness.


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Fashion is conforming to current styles and trends.

Style is throwing them out of the window.

Laters, Kate x


  1. dievca

    God, some fabulous offerings. Reminds me that you do not have to be spectacular in looks to be spectacular. Work with what you have and have fun. Again, just Fabulous. XO

  2. redlipstickmama

    They all have this inner self-belief and it radiates through them. I was once asked what style is for me and I wrote:’Style is deeply personal. It is about knowing yourself, loving yourself and letting others know about it but not caring about what others think of it. There is something unapologetic about it.’ I was not sure if I was happy about my definition but when I see your pics, I am like yeah I guess that’s exactly what I meant! xo