Salvage Yard x


A few months ago Caitlyn Moran, writer for the Sunday Times, wrote an article on the deficits of money.  She decided that once she had money she always chose the easy an Event, need a dress? Buy it.  But without it she was forced to be creative – rumble through wardrobe, find something, get sewing machine out.  Go to Event as the new Lady Godiva. Her conclusion was that her brain was far better and more inventive in her desperate youth than it is today…and that the ability to adapt and alter is something we need to treasure and nurture.


New bedside tables perhaps?


A rather dramatic floor lamp?


A unique piece of Art…

Just because..

IMG_0299 IMG_0300

Fur coat, no knickers in the downstairs toilet?




A kitchen..or a new industrial office?


A new headboard?

Life is really what you want to see.

Laters, Kate x


  1. laurenkahan

    Love, love, LOVE salvage yards!!! I’ve kind of had to stop myself from going until I finish a few of the “projects” I bought things hoping to do…

  2. dievca

    I love architectural salvage yards. When my parent’s built a house we rummaged for doors, door knobs, moldings, stained glass windows, etc. It made the new home less austere and much more welcoming. Even the screen door that slams when you walk in the house bought to remind my Mother of her childhood.

  3. kirsty warman

    This is discussed often in our house – big pay check, therefore let’s hemorrhage cash. Why? that is always the question. It is good to be inventive/ creative. Today I shall go forth with your philosophy – Life is really what you want to see. Kxx