It’s coming…


The rumblings started around 2011 when Hermes walked this one down the runway..


Givenchy: Runway - Paris Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2012

Givenchy did a little number too.


And the odd street style star picked up the vibe.


But this year the noise is getting louder..Spotted at The Row’s Pre-fall 2014 Collection..


Tory Burch SS14, did it more than once..

MARC0326.683x1024 CHA_0788.683x1024

And now Chanel?


Maybe it’s all been about branding…’Bum’ bag is really such an ugly word.  But ‘hipster’ ‘Belt bag’? Far more class..

IMG_4048Mine is permanently attached to my side whether it’s cross body or as a belt bag.  Not just because I like the look..but it’s just so practical as well..Compared to the eighties we’re now in the land of miniature and everything fits in perfectly.

All hail the return! Long may it last!

Laters, Kate x


  1. KerryCan

    Wow–I’m not sure I would’ve predicted this! The examples you show are super-stylish–not at all what I remember from the last go around!

  2. dievca

    I love both types of bags on other people. I can do crossbody, it is tough depending upon where it lands and the proportion. But when you have a heavy duty hourglass figure — the bum bag is a nightmare. Add more to the hips? hide the waist? make a tummy? add more to the back end? No, Thanks — there are other options available. XO

  3. ReneeWritesNow!

    My apologies, but I live too close to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and seen too many tourists wearing HIDEOUS versions of the “fanny pack” (complete with water bottles?!) to ever embrace a return of the trend;-)

  4. Russel Ray Photos

    I always have a problem looking at women’s fashions because I focus on how skinny the women models are and I just want to sit them down over a couple of pizzas and help them eat!

  5. neffy93

    Hallelujah, I love the new take on them, not that couture will be in my student specials collection, but high street versions will follow for under a tenner and then I’ll be in. At last I can go to a gig without carrying everything in my bra!

  6. fashionassist

    Lol…oh agree, the royal “they” are trying so desperately hard to get us all to bite on this one…
    but even with its high score for practicality, fanny packs “were” and “are” style nightmares…
    but crossover mini-bags–a stylish dream and far more chic!!
    Fabulous post Kate~ xo