Be my Valentino x

LUX_5258.683x1024The dinner gong has sounded with Valentino’s succulent SS14 Collection.


It’s captivating thoughts turned into visual chocolate.

LUX_5248.683x1024The details are like the feathers of a humming bird.


LUX_5305.683x1024And there is a but…

LUX_5215.683x1024Would you wear this on a hot summers day?…Or even a spring one?

LUX_5226.683x1024Do the colours sing beach, sunshine and easy living?

LUX_5285.683x1024No? So who is the Emperor in his new clothes?


The punters? The magazines?..or the out of date fashion industry?

Laters, Kate x


  1. evelenmargaret

    Well, Valentino wasn’t the only one who in my opinion missed the Spring -Summer motto. Yes , I do admit that the prints , the elaborate collection looks special, but obviously it’s more winter like , also from the mood not only the colour palette. But Prada/ Miu Miu , went even further with the thick coats, o.k the colour palette was different,but…
    I was born in Greece, I’m a med woman, I can assure you that nothing of these pieces are for Summer. When , the temperatures are constantly above 30°C , in high Summer in the 40°C, the only thing you might wear is a bikini & if you are obliged to spent a lot of time in work, you do chose the lightest version of a clothing item you can possible find.
    Coming , to your question, for whom is it for ; well for the industry , interests maybe, for the south part of the globe that has winter in that time of the year or simply a failure.
    Anyway, I don’t particular like the present duo of designers for Valentino.
    They haven’t managed yet to transfer the legacy into a new era , being unmistakable
    Valentino, nevertheless. See :Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel or Raf Simmons For Dior ( in such a short time )!

    Besides, the video from the fashion week in London is lovely. You both look great & made an impact.

    • MasonBentley

      I am with you..thick coats/colour/long sleeves (although I am a fan of long sleeves) all make a mockery of the label ‘ss’ – but can we blame them? It is ridiculous to send out a Collection that won’t be bought for 6 months – by which time it will be old news. And with the rising spending power of China, Africa and Australia – who’s to say when Spring/Summer is anyway? xxx

  2. TNFashionLove

    I really enjoyed some of the more “tribal” prints that were present at the various Fashion Weeks (DVF did it best in NY in my opinion!) and there may be a piece or two from this collection that appeal to me, I’m not sure it would appeal to me in the S/S months! Good observations! 🙂

  3. Lia in Brussels

    Perhaps Valentino designers had Brussels summer in mind! Gorgeous pieces… yes, I can definitely see me in some of these taking a stroll downtown… they’d even take me through fall! But I agree, I wouldn’t survive 2 mins in them anywhere in the Med!

    • MasonBentley

      I do love the drop waist numbers..and I agree – it would definitely benefit from an addition – ‘Spring/Summer…for climates north of Paris’! xxx

  4. Fashion Mayann

    I love the “visual chocolate” description and these outstanding ethnic motifs that scream Winter indeed (climate change is the one to blame …). XXX

    • MasonBentley

      I am a sucker for ethnic prints and love all the references..I can’t help but wonder if this is the designers way of getting round a problem..go with the flow but do your own thing? xxx

  5. silkpathdiary

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos – I absolutely love each and every look! I’m already a long time fan of Valentino but this collection has got to be up there as one of my all time favs. Ever.

  6. The Fashion Huntress

    Oh my…..sometimes I wish I could just lounge around in couture all day. These dresses are no exception. The colors are so gorgeous…that last dress…sigh. I dream of owning one of these one days! Valentino, if you’re read, donate to the cause! 🙂

  7. Amanda

    I really loved all the outfits! However, more for Christmas parties than Spring ! Just as well I can’t afford any! Haha

  8. Laura Lynn

    You make a good point about presenting fashions 6 months before anyone would wear them. Fashion is set on the street and in the universities and by what is happening NOW. What YOU see. Your photos always reference design shapes, colours and an almost architectural beauty.
    I understand these are trends we are supposed to look for when we’re shopping but that kind of workmanship is so far beyond anything I could afford to wear…it’s art. Beautiful textile art.
    I think your collection for spring was referencing this tribal palette but in a much more wearable form. I personally, LOVE the long, multi slit skirts with the netting. I think that these looks would work well as transitional wardrobe pieces and the colours ARE scrumptious.

    • MasonBentley

      I find it interesting that Tamara Mellon of Jimmy Choo fame is just about to launch her own label – the USP? It’s seasonless with new designs every month..sign of the times? xxx

      • MasonBentley

        And then I hit my brick wall…does that mean fast fashion wins? because that feels wrong as well. I think I want the big houses to do three flexible Collections a year with their own inspirational titles nothing to do with seasons that blow everyones minds and can be filtered to the high street, and they are available straight away. Is it a nirvana? xxx

    • MasonBentley

      Loving the shapes, the ethnic feel, the tribal inspiration is heart stopping…but I seem to be having a problem with honesty within the Fashion Industry – and this is a perfect illustration x

  9. umanbn

    Who cares if it’s for summer or not it’s stunning. In a world market where everyone is chasing the dollar and afraid of creativity it’s great to see conviction. It’s a beautiful collection, I love the strong ethnic feeling. The thing is when this is delivered to the stores it will actually be in Jan-Feb with the summer sun is still a long way off….

    • MasonBentley

      No doubt – it is stunning..but all that work and in 6 months time it will be wrapping up fish and chips. Why not sell it now? Why this archaic structure that surrounds the industry? The music industry has moved on..maybe it’s time the fashion industry did the same? x

  10. Caty

    ahhh? these designs are a disaster, why no body can see this fact?
    you can’t blindly say it is beautiful just because a famous designer has made them, what is ugly will always be ugly no matter how much you flatter it

  11. lavenderloafers

    Stunning collection! Love everything about it, prints and shapes, definitely my fave is Aztec – Tribal cape -poncho, I would love to have it as I’m a fan of such things, I find them very comfy and cozy. Well, these collection will be fit for Summer in north countries and Winter in hot countries:) but anyway it’s Valentino masterpieces as all his collections, simplicity and lusciousness collaboration.

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