Oh the joys of packing…

jumpsuit_JyNaX_14When the kids were babies I soon realised that to avoid the crying of souls (mine) I needed to be excruciatingly anal about packing, particularly as it’s not and never will be an art form that comes naturally to my psyche. The truth be told:

1. I hate it.

2. Even the impending thought of it gives me brain-swell.

3. I AM a self-proclaimed light-packer. Until I pack.

4. I could just take cut off shorts, a white t-shirt and flip-flops..but why suffer clothes envy if you can avoid it?

5. How DO you take the minimum clothes for the maximum occasions?

6. I’m continually haunted by the idea it’s all wrong anyway.

7. There’s a profound anguish that the weather is undoubtably going to go through an unprecedented solar flux and be the opposite of what I’m reasonably expecting. Even though it never happens.

8. Will it really be hot/cold at the equator/in the mountains because it’s not hot/cold here (delete as appropriate).

9. How can I pack the stuff I’m wearing now?

10. What do people mean when they ‘throw a few things in’?

11. How do I know I won’t be invited to tea with the Queen or Beyonce or Karl Lagerfeld?

12. Why do I always have the most cases? I packed light..

13. And why do they never shut?

Burnt too many times, I learnt to make furtive lists on the computer in the hope that nothing vital in my then sleep-deprived-likely-to-find-hairbrush-in-fridge-state like nappies, nappy sacks, first aid kit, tranquillisers..would be disastrously and time/happiness sappingnly forgotten and there could be hope yet for my marriage.

Those days are (almost) gone, but the discipline has proved invaluable and certain rules still stand:

1. Start packing 5 days in advance and wear tea towels if necessary.

2. For a week or more pack 5 sets of underwear plus 3 of each for the rest (t-shirts, shorts etc)

3. Summer holiday for me…just dresses, the ultimate capsule wardrobe…beach dresses..other dresses..end of.

Until this year..

wideleg_playsuit jumpsuits_greatesthitsWhen my two vintage jumpsuits leapt into the suitcase..they were easy, different, could be dressed up with a pair of gold gladiators or worn with flip-flops and radiated just enough visual flair for a laid-back edge.

Minimalistic packing is over-rated..Long live the jumpsuit!

Laters, Kate xxx


  1. itwasjudith

    you’re a star, i love this post πŸ™‚ and yes, i do the same when packing (less children) and keep a standing list on my computer ready for travels….
    jump suits look nice, though they don’t fit curves well in my opinion, even mild ones…?

    • MasonBentley

      I was pleasantly surprised..I think it works when the jumpsuit is loose enough like these in the pics..I seriously believe that loose clothes are far more flattering than tight..the eye really sees things in a far more positive way than we often give it credit for. Also wore mine with an obi belt which again creates the narrow point from which the eye then graciously balances everything else.. Xxxx

  2. A Spoonful of Style

    Brilliant post! Unfortunately when you holiday in Northern Europe the weather can change at a drop of the hat so you have to be prepared for every eventuality which makes packing v tricky. I find it’s my children who throw a spanner in the works by going through up to three outfits a day when ice cream eating is involved! X

  3. redlipstickmama

    I love ‘how can I pack what I wear’. With the kids in tow I always wear the most comfortable outfits but then I am in the tricky situation of having to do the laundry the morning of departure to be able to bring them with me !! Surely there must be a better way to do this? And yeah to jumpsuits, can never have too many of them !

    • MasonBentley

      And multiply ‘how can I pack what I’m wearing’ with number of kids! I confess..part of the strategy is to wear all travel clothes day before travel..wash and dry over night, wear. Sad but true. Tea towels, flannels and sponges are a last resort…xxx

  4. fashionassist

    Love this post + to-tal-ly hate packing too…
    your tip on wearing tea towels made me lol…
    thanks for Friday chuckle…
    love it + will definitely try πŸ˜‰

  5. vintageattitude

    Have always loved jumpsuits from my zip up Crimpelene in the 70s….oh yes!…..to 80s cerise and purple cotton with no shape and fly front which took me thru pregnancy….I was known as the pregnant lesbian for that choice…..and I am told I can still rock the latest style in my late 50s……not sure they will be practical in the old folks home but I will give it my best shot!! X

  6. bijouxdupreez

    “How do I know I won’t be invited to tea with the Queen or Beyonce or Karl Lagerfeld!,” I love it! I always anticipate having the most fabulous time when I travel, so I likewise assume I’ll need to dress to impress. In my case, I always assume I’m going to run into Drake, which hasn’t happened yet (he’s playing hard to get). Anyways, l adore your posts and look forward to seeing more from you!

  7. Lia in Brussels

    Although I don’t fit to any of the above groups (I travel light… (really), and have yet to find a flattering jumpsuit) I still found this post hilariously delicious! Xxxxx

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