Black is the new white..

Despite the prospect of summer round the corner I am surprisingly gripped with the idea of turning our front sitting room into a cocoon of darkness..slate grey, deep navy..something with gravitas.  I love the way it makes other colours pop but still wants to hug you close..then the next room, the  kitchen a complete contrast: white n wood n marble with floor tiles from the previous post..1220638_originalimages-12 black-reading-room-design-decorating-ideas workspace-at-home-decorating-with-black-interior 1211933_original 1212221_original 1212476_original 1213416_original 1213834_original 1213993_original 1214377_original 1214537_original 1215077_original 528935_original(Photos courtesy of

A girls gotta dream.

Laters, Kate x


    • MasonBentley

      That house is definitely a kindred spirit. In London we tend to be obsessed with light and making our spaces look bigger..I like a bit of a mix and personality..Dennis Severs house definitely had that in spades!

  1. ReneeWritesNow!

    I once painted my living room walls chocolate brown with glossy white enamel trim. Every piece of art appeared to pop off the wall and became a focal point. Remember – dark walls recede so you focus on everything else!

    • MasonBentley

      Sounds purrrrfect! I’m reminded of the various colours used at the National Gallery which I love almost as much as the paintings…lavenders, sage greens – and browns..all to make the paintings sing. A lesson in confident colour. Xxx

  2. Laura Lynn

    We just re did the dining room because we found some vintage 70’s chairs slipcovered in gold velour (!) It required a lot more change that we though it would to fit them in. BLACK was definitely the colour to use to tone it down a bit. Will post some pics of this week. Love yours.

    • MasonBentley

      Hello luv – have missed you. I keep checking for new posts xxxxx. Can’t wait to see the pics! Gold and dark grey is dreamy. Big love xxx

  3. birdicatt

    I have always loved black! When it was the “in” thing, we had a black bathroom….later on it became black and red walls and white fixtures……
    Thanks for coming by again!

  4. katyalibin

    It’s like Gilt Groupe created a home decor shop in their house. Love it.