A little bit of lace…

I’ve got lace on the mind..I see it where ever I look, what ever I do…admittedly we are in the throes of producing our own broidery anglais dresses and shirts which have been gentley loved into existence (divine – I should have photos, but I got swept away in the moment and forgot to take any. Doh…laters, laters) but I do have these inspiration shots:

My cuff

IMG_1587$(KGrHqV,!pkF!uFlgkw)BQQ339kcu!~~60_3 1109659837184040_1 $T2eC16V,!zUE9s38+COlBQkRG9TNiQ~~60_57 $(KGrHqJ,!hgFCIjjrsy0BQkt,h17zg~~60_57 photo-75$(KGrHqNHJFQFBi1GJGSPBQeDM5rFLw~~60_12 2308696200944040_1IMG_1286Pic from Valentino…how gorgeous??

IMG_1477Pic from Stella McCartney…I die…(though interesting underwear dilemma for us mere mortals..)

IMG_1621Pic from River Island………..£45.00. WTF! ^(*$%%^%$!

Definitely would need to see, feel and touch to confirm one could stand in the same room/house/large municipal building as a naked flame…

Laters, Kate x


  1. Laura Lynn

    Love the cuff, love the bromide ray (okay, I HAD to leave that auto correct…too perfect) but should read briodery anglais. Also appreciating high necklines, long cuffs and lace. I’ve heard dyed lace is ‘back’. Sorry. I shudder to think what that’s going to translate to over here.

  2. MasonBentley

    Love the comment, love the bromide ray. !!!! ..I have a real thing about high necks and long cuffs but have found them really hard to find unless they are proper vintage – read ‘delicate and tiny’ or 70s read ‘voluminous and flammable’ so it has been a pure joy to throw creative energy into modern versions…white lace is big over here..we are offering white, a coffee creamy taupey colour and black! which is cool with an edge. Can’t wait to show you the pics – hopefully next week..sending love luv xxx

  3. Morgana Martin, the magicvintagespy

    Great lace posts. I’ve not been into the antique Victorian clothing myself, but lots of true vintage lovers are. Yes, the older stuff is much nicer than the “70s version, if you can find it in wearable condition. Thanks for your comment – I love to hear from other members of the “tribe”.

    • MasonBentley

      I think they took the time and pride in the lace then. Maybe there was more time – I can’t decide! But have also been taken by subtle style changes…the shape of collars, pin tucks or interesting yokes. Apt for Easter really…I am a fan of the seventies..but possibly more the shape of the sleeves than the attempts at mass production…I will be checking back for more inspiration xxx