Urban Adventure Part 2 x

IMG_0105 So the second part of the Urban Adventure? Kaori and I went to the Paul Smith Exhibition at the Design Museum..

IMG_0100 I love Paul Smith.  I love his ability to see beauty in the ordinary and his understanding of what makes objects desirable.

IMG_0107It’s why he’s such a voracious collector, happily sucking on the marrow of life.

IMG_0111 He knows the beauty of detail, whether it’s the unexpected lining of a jacket or the ribbon running on the inside of this covetable retro inspired cycling shirt.

IMG_0110Or the colour of a button.

IMG_0115 But he never gets stressed by the obsession.  He embraces it..

IMG_0114 IMG_0113From the clutter everything is impeccably crafted and he always remains the epitomy of cool.

IMG_0112How cool is that?

IMG_0099 A kaliedoscopic gathering of ideas that suggests why always look to the future?

IMG_0106 When we have a wealth of unexplored inspiration at our fingertips..

IMG_0103I couldn’t agree more.

Laters, Kate x


  1. dievca

    Oh, I would love to go and see this exhibition. I have a few bits and bobs from his mainline, leather goods and the “jeans” line. Every piece brings a smile!

  2. Fashion Mayann

    Memories, memories … A good old Green Imac ! The picture of the buttons as a new take on Paul Smith’s iconic stripes ! The cool cycling shirt with the British and French flags … C’est magnifique, mon amie ! xxx

  3. Jade

    Can’t believe I didn’t know about this – your pictures make it look wonderful! I’ll definitely be putting in an appearance. Jx

  4. Michelle @ The Wardrobe Update

    Wow, what an amazing exhibition! Paul Smith is such a unique talent – it’s interesting to see the (obviously very densely packed and referenced) starting point for his vision. I’ve no hope of getting to London before it finishes so thanks for sharing this!

    • Maison Bentley Style

      It was clever in that it gave you real insight into his personality..rooms laid out as they are in real life..but the clutter feeds his soul and really doesn’t cause him stress. I found it fascinating as I like a bit of clutter..but it has to be organised otherwise it’s a negative..not for him! x

  5. fingknitcoolgal

    Ahhh! It was great, wasn’t it? My life at the moment is in disarray – my iphone is dead and ipad is behaving badly. Our fun day out looks like a light year ago (T-T) xxxxxx

  6. Maison Bentley Style

    It wasn’t a big exhibition..but it was carefully thought out and gave a real essence of the man. I loved the little touches like the giant yellow post-it in the first picture..I think I good do with a few of those on a day to day basis! x

  7. Lia in Brussels

    Recently I watched that Culture Show episode with Alan Yentob; got a glimpse into the cluttered, wonderful world of Paul Smith… Learned about his love for bicycles and this exhibition. Hope I can make it to London by March, if not I’ll keep your pics for reference! xxx