Just for Jackie! x

A virtual visit to my local!…The Lavish Habit in Balham – part of my slavish habit of the week to kick back a frothy cappuccino and crucify a croissant…their toasted coconut bread with maple syrup is honestly to die for…and not only good food – sit on a chair, like it? buy it! What could be better?

IMG_1194 IMG_1193 IMG_1186 IMG_1188 IMG_1197 IMG_1187 IMG_1189 IMG_1195 IMG_1190

Laters, Kate x


  1. jackiemallon

    Oh, I see, it’s like that, is it? :-D A case of I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours! Well, you do got those lovely chintzy lampshades. And what’s that, stringing Christmas decorations in the window made out of suitcases, well I never! And syrup!
    Love the Tiffany blue inside the wooden crate. Some deft little touches here to caress the eye, I’ll give you that. Bit far for me to schlepp my laptop though, wouldn’t you say? Now, instead of teasing me you could send me some virtual syrup to enjoy on my actual Irish soda farls… :-D xo

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Hehe! Actually it was more come and have a virtual blog date! But I tried to do a remote post..and on my preview it looked like there was no title (still can’t see it!) so I changed the text a bit!! Oh the best laid plans of mice and men…….but the chintzy lampshades are rather good! Xxxxx

  2. jackiemallon

    I’ll join you anytime, remotely or otherwise! Especially when there’s a croissant thrown in. I’m a cheap (virtual) date, if you haven’t heard! xo

  3. thelinencat & rockcottageyear

    Gosh, I lived in Balham for a number for years, sadly that was 20 years ago (aghhhh! I’m old – ha ha) and it has changed so very much. It was pretty crappy back then with a dodgy Budgens and not a lot else, I used to go out there regularly for the next 10 years, after I moved to Clapham and loves seeing it develop. The Lavish Habit looks lovely!