A Bright Shining Star..

Tzaporah Salamon hits the wall and drives straight through it, exuding a ferocious energy and defying you to suggest that ‘old’ is a bad word – to be old is to have had the time to amass a life-times wardrobe put together with wisdom and experience.  A true visionary in her ability to salvage and re-invent, she dresses like she does for the sake of her soul.

And I love her. Yes, it’s five minutes of your life..but you won’t regret it.


Laters, Kate x


  1. dievca

    Fantastic. I see this on the street daily and have been inspired to wear leopard tights in my 90′s. I ship clothes to my Mother because my selection is greater than hers and when you wear something fabulous, you feel fabulous. I want my Mum to be 83 and feeling great. (Plus,she has sexy legs…work it!)